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Positive Parenting

MTY Championing Positive Parenting:

Parents are their children’s first and most enduring teacher. Parents’ moments with their children are priceless. This is what every first time parent should understand and internalize.

Children are a wonderful gift from God and parents are stewards who have responsibilities for upbringing and development of their children. They play a central role in a child’s life to love, care and provide for them. Parents don’t live alone in an island there other players involved in the upbringing of the children, other stakeholders like relatives, neighbours, teachers, institutions, churches, schools. It is also important to note that the upbringing of children is an on-going process starting from the time the child is born. It is a process of promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual development of a child.

According to LEGO Foundation, “Parents are children’s first playmate and teacher. Children from birth to age three spend more time in their home than at any other age, typically with their parent(s) or primary caregiver. Parents are children’s first playmate and therefore have the opportunity to give them a head start on learning through play that will last beyond the early years.

MTY Trust therefore aims to champion a positive parenting outlook in support of a generation of empowered and resilient children by creating an environment that will produce empowered parents and empowered children who will produce a new breed of leadership in the African region.

First time parents empowered with parenting skills

  • To equip first time parents with positive parenting skills
  • Develop appropriate training and learning materials.
  • Identify would be first time parents
  • Establish a network and data base of first time parents and come up with support groups

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