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Financial Literacy

MTY Championing Financial Literacy:

Responses from the survey that MTY Trust carried out brought out testimonies that confirmed the need to teach children about financial well-being.

MTY Trust strongly believes it’s never too soon to start teaching children about personal finances. Financial literacy should start early in childhood. Money management is a critical life skills that will help them set the stage for their finances in future and avoid various money mistakes later in life. Using games, drama and books, MTY Facilitators will teach children how to earn, save, spend, budget and invest wisely. Children will be given opportunities to play budgeting, shopping, purchasing, banking, buying and selling.

Empowered children in financial well-being and entrepreneurial skills

  • To equip children with age appropriate financial concepts and money skills
  • Develop appropriate and supporting materials
  • Conduct training for 80 facilitators.
  • Conduct practical sessions with children from 3 selected mining communities and 6 Children’s Homes to put into practice concepts learnt

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